Intakes, Not Calls 

The vast majority of treatment centers in the U.S. are engaged in some sort of marketing efforts. Many centers buy phone calls from a third party in the hopes of generating intakes or hire a marketing firm to run their Paid and Organic Search. The problem?

90% of treatment centers don't know what they are paying for. If the calls are bad or the marketing firm fails, there are no intakes, yet the center has spend the money.

The Intake Advisers are here to put an end to that type of marketing for treatment centers. We have developed a service that allows you to pay only when our marketing efforts result in an intake. Simply put, you don't pay us unless we deliver.  

How Does it Work?

The process is rather simple. We are experts at marketing our clients online, and we use our talent to identify qualified people in need of treatment and target them for your facility.

We handle the initial call and identify the caller's needs. This may be a need for a co-occurring facility, single gender facility, or a specific type of treatment, i.e. heroin or alcohol detox. Once we have identified this need, we review their insurance to determine if they are right for you. Finally, we set up an evaluation. From there, the center handles the client and we back them up with phone support. This is all part of our marketing strategy.  By working every aspect of the process from targeting the lead and then working the intake process, we insure quality results allowing us to make a guarantee. 

What Does it Cost?

The great value we deliver to our clients is that our marketing services are guaranteed, so you will never lose money. Unlike paying per call or standard marketing, your investment is limited by the goal you set for us. Lets say that your center needs our marketing efforts to fill 3 beds per month.  We set up a fee structure that makes sense, and get started.  If we don't fill our obligation, you have options. 

If you are interested, give us a call. We are happy to speak with you about your facility and work with you to find a marketing budget that makes sense.